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Legends Performance Academy (referred to as LPA) has been established since 2014 and is located in the Midway District of San Diego. LPA is a highly awarded "Competitive Dance Team" studio with over 150 national dance competition achievements! Our team consist of children - young adults and primarily competes in regional and national dance competitions in Southern California. LPA also has our "Youth and Teen Summer Camp Theatre Company" where we produce some of the best off broadway musical theatre shows. And yearly our students have the opportunity of performing in some of our original shows. We have been seen on the hit Lifetime TV Show “Dance Moms” and have won numerous awards through their competitions.


What makes my brand at LPA so unique is that the goal has always been to open my doors for youth and teens who are determined to work hard for something GREATER in life! Over the past 6 years my focus has been for myself and staff to be role models and positive influences for all youth we encounter. LPA will ALWAYS be about inspiration and aspiration as a EQUAL OPPORTUNITY business and school. We accept those unique individuals for who they are! Our customer base is a hate free zone and is one of the many things which I am truly proud of. This has been accomplished by the parents, their children, staff and public who have supported my vision for half a decade! With the demand of public schools taking away the performing, creative and visual arts...it is my mission to keep that alive through LPA. I am a firm believer that all youth need a creative outlet to explore and be the remarkable human beings they were meant to be. I am the coach that disciplines, gives structure, love and support to all of the young persons who want to be driven into success!


I welcome you to the LPA Family,


Mr. B


LPA Parent & Student Testimonials

LPA is a great learning environment and the teachers are very helpful and knowledgeable of the arts. It provides things not only for children but for everybody and it is a great place to learn.

Parent - Shelley. P

5 Year Member

My daughter absolutely loves Mr. B and everything she learns at LPA, from acting to ballet. I really like the variety of formal training and the chance for her to interact with kids of all ages and skill levels. And it's just plain fun! It is like having an extended family. There's always something new to learn. Mr.B provides a safe, open environment which fosters self expression while allowing kids to learn discipline. As a parent, I like the variety of skills plus the competition aspect.

Parent - Tonya. G

3 Year Member

LPA dance routines are truly unforgettable. & LPA is great place for my LGBT kid. If undecided on which dance studio for your child, come see one of the incredible incredible plays... Dancing, acting & singing skills shine with Mr. B's directing & choreography. I give my personal & professional recommendation as a casting director, private investigator & mom. #dancelessons #sandiego #ballethiphopjazzdragactingsinging

Parent - Trish. S

2 Years

LPA has been such a great program for both my daughter and son. They are always excited to participate in the various fun activities with their classmates and learn how to dance. Mr. B is a talented instructor/choreographer, and the dances he puts together with the kids are truly inspiring.

Parent - Nicole . S

1 Year Member

My kids maintain focus and has even improved their learning skills in school because of Legends Performance Academy. It is safe, fun with discipline and kids love it!

Parent - Patricia. L

1 Year Member

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